Material brought to the facility has a future.

All material brought into the facility is treated and used as base material for future development.

The Mecca Resource Facility is NOT a landfill.

The facility is highly specialized in treating non-hazardous soils and liquids.

A Certificate of Recycle is issued to each job.

After remediation, each job is certified and approved as recycled.

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The Material Handling Process


The Mecca Resource Facility is owned by the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians. The Cabazon’s Environmental Department has complete compliance oversight of the Tribal operation and works closely with its Federal Partners. The Environmental Department is headed by Jacquelyn Barnum who holds a BS in Environmental Studies and has over 10 years of management in tribal
government. The Cabazon Band of Mission Indians has complete oversight of the operation and works closely with its Federal Partners.

Working with Scape Inc.

The Cabazon Band of Mission Indians has contracted Scape, Inc. to operate the Mecca Resource Facility.  Scape’s president is DeLynne Ano, who has more than 20 years of Operational Process leadership with Nestle and Disney along with almost 10 years as an executive of an oilfield environmental services company servicing Chevron and ExxonMobil.


Incoming Material

Acceptance Criteria

The facility will only accept California non-hazardous material.

Acceptance Process

Both the facility and the customer follow a carefully outlined procedure.

Treatment Process

From here on, MeccaResource Facility treats the non-hazardous waste.

Outbound Material

All stabilized material will be placed in the industrial fill site for future site

To learn more about the Mecca Resource Facility and their processes, click the download button below to download PDF detailing their material handling and procedures.