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Business Owners

Over 50% of a business owner's time is spent on infrastructure activities


Infrastructure activities are common across all businesses and can be streamlined with the help of operational process experts


Operational processes drive efficiency into the business and allow the business owner to focus on growing their business

The Scape Results

No. 1

Business Evaluation

During Phase 1, our experienced business professionals spend time with each area of your business to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and develop sustainable processes to ensure consistent business performance.

At the end of Phase 1, the client is provided with a comprehensive evaluation of each area that could benefit from structured processes.

No. 2

Process Development

During Phase 2, the results from Phase 1 are utilized to prioritize those areas that could benefit from customized business processes. Our business experts work with your team to streamline their activities and deliver structured, sustainable processes for each major task category.

At the end of Phase 2, the client is provided with multiple business process structure designed to improve efficiency and allow employees to focus additional time on critical business activities.

No. 3

Efficiency Improvement

During Phase 3, the processes developed in Phase 2 are implemented within the organization. Our business experts work with your team to develop documents, train employees and develop KPIs to ensure new processes are internalized and the proposed benefits are realized throughout the organization.

At the end of Phase 3, the client is provided with KPI measuring documents, forms and reports to realize sustained efficiency improvement.

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